Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016 at 07:11PM

via Instagram: I'm so ready for our vegetarian challenge, playmate @flyredmermaid! Red rice, tomatoes, and string beans; all organic and straight from a private farm in Bataan. #govegetarian #weekdayvegetarian

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Batman V Superman - my thoughts and a short (movie) review.

A lot of people are ranting on how slow and boring the movie was. My own partner even told me he almost fell asleep during the film, although I enjoyed it all throughout. I even made a lengthy comment on someone's Facebook wall asking feedback about the movie; the same set of comments was posted to another person's Facebook wall when I wanted to post my opinion online. Hence, here it goes. My quick thought about the movie.

"I love the film. It showed the humanity of the two superheroes. It gave a look of what being a hero is, from different point of views. The God-like Superman was gracefully packaged in an almost holy-like representation. Batman was cloaked with darkness from his emotions, to his thoughts; to his unnerving humorless attitude. The film was dark, both metaphorically and literally, typical of Batman films. There were references to comic book sequences, or even from the noir cartoon of the 1990s (Batman). The film was basically a trip inside the mind of a man with a seemingly infinite pit of darkness trying to look for his own enlightenment; with the passion to put his mark of justice in whatever way possible. Also, the movie takes a look at the perspective of a foreign creature trying to appease his adoptive home by delivering peace and becoming a sign of unwavering hope. It’s basically darkness versus light, with the sense of justice bringing them together. As a movie it was well made, plot may vary from the viewer’s understanding of what’s happening because of sudden flashes of unexpected sequences; which the viewer may realize how the scene was threaded into the story with some afterthoughts. It may not be a film for everyone, especially for those looking for a lot of heroic action. Personally, the beauty of the film was the disturbing sequences caused by wonderfully chaotic trip inside the minds of the characters. The saturation of colors, the darkness, the composition, and lighting were all beautifully constituted to showcase the opposing elements of the Dark Knight and the son of Krypton."